Person: Paul Dufour

Paul Dufour, fellow and adjunct professor, ISSP, University of Ottawa

Finding common ground — A revitalized agenda for scientists and politicians
By Paul Dufour

There’s a sunnier disposition among Canada’s science community these days. Maybe it’s because they have read the Liberal Party platform which states: “We will value science and treat scientists with respect”.

Paul Dufour, fellow and adjunct professor, Univ of Ottawa

Legacy of Lamontagne and lessons for today
By Paul Dufour

The recent announcement of the Governor General’s Innovation Awards by David Johnston (Canada’s de facto science ambassador and de jure science cheerleader) has brought to mind an earlier proposal put forward by another statesman of science and public policy — Maurice Lamontagne.

Paul Dufour, adjunct professor and fellow, University of Ottawa.

Boutique science diplomacy
By Paul Dufour

There you have it. Two speeches on science in Washington in the same week (see box on right) — one by the US President (his second to the National Academy of Sciences celebrating their 150 anniversary) and the other by Canada’s junior minister for science and technology (his second to the AAAS forum on S&T policy).

Paul Dufour, adjunct professor and fellow, ISSP, University of Ottawa

A new future for the research councils?
By Paul Dufour

Ever wonder why Canada has three separate federal granting councils when integration and interdisciplinarity are the new research paradigms? Curious as to why Canadians do not have a single portal or concierge service for understanding how and why research grants are awarded across the country? Have some questions about whether granting councils are strategically addressing the issues of competition and collaboration in science and innovation? Read on.

Dr Kate Moran

Dr Kate Moran has been appointed director of Neptune Canada, the world’s first regional-scale underwater ocean observatory network, effective this September. Moran recently held a two-year term as assistant director in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington DC, advising the government on oceans, the Arctic and global warming. She holds…

Pat Mortimer

Pat Mortimer has been appointed secretary general and executive VP of the National Research Council as part of a restructuring of the organization which was announced internally last month. Mortimer will be responsible for corporate governance, access to information and privacy and ethics. Administrative oversight responsibilities include for strategic and operational planning, legal, communication, audit…

Paul Dufour

Requiem for a science council
By Paul Dufour

Spare a thought for public and transparent science advisory councils in Canada. They have all gone the way of the dodo. This summer, readers of RE$EARCH MONEY were alerted to the elimination of one of our original science advisory councils — Quebec’s Conseil de la science et de la technologie (CST) (R$, July 22/11).