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CSA appointment lauded but debate swirls over scope and breadth of advisory role

Dr Mona Nemer’s appointment as federal chief science advisor (CSA) is receiving rave reviews in science and policy circles. But it has also reignited the debate over whether the new position will represent a significant improvement over past efforts to advise government on important scientific issues, and how this advice will feed into decision making.

Universities Canada finds ally in public to support Naylor agenda

A recent survey of public perception about university research is overwhelming positive. So encouraging are the results that Universities Canada, which commissioned the survey, is hoping it can get the public to rally behind them to press the government for more funding for university research.

Is Canada’s Innovation Budget ambitious enough?

Opinion is decidedly split on the federal government’s delivery of its promised innovation Budget. The March 22 budgetary planning document contains a wide range of measures related to skills, company financing, program consolidation and clean technology.

Paul Davidson, president, Universities Canada

The innovation long game starts now
By Paul Davidson

There’s a re-set happening in Canada. Despite the oil slump and struggling loonie, a new federal government in Ottawa has spurred some fresh thinking about the future of Canada.

Paul Davidson

Embracing our humanities in today’s knowledge-driven economy

By Paul Davidson

For generations of Canadians a postsecondary education in the social sciences or the humanities has been a viable — and valuable — path to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Dr Philip Jessop

Dr Philip Jessop has been selected as this year’s recipient of the John C Polanyi Award in recognition for his advances in natural sciences and engineering research. The Queen’s Univ chemistry professor has led a team that developed a new process to separate and re-use solvents used in industrial processes for oil refining and pharmaceutical…

Dr Ian Smith

Dr Ian Smith has been inducted into the Order of Canada in recognition of his research into magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and global contributions to health care. Smith is DG of the National Research Council’s Institute for Biodiagnostics (IBD) in Winnipeg. He was instrumental in the development of a mobile MRI system allowing surgeons to…

Dr John Church

Dr John Church has been appointed the inaugural chairholder of the BC Regional Innovation Chair in Cattle Industry Sustainability. Church, who has a PhD in rangeland and wildlife resources will conduct research into improving profitability of cattle raising, protecting wetlands and endangered species and reducing greenhouse gases. The $2.1-million chair will be situated at Thompson…