Organization: National Research Council

NRC working with industry, academia to build value chain for lithium-ion batteries

Escalating demand for specialty materials that go into next-generation lithium-ion batteries has prompted the National Research Council to create an R&D group to bolster the value chain for their use in the transportation and stationary applications. Advanced discussions between NRC officials and several companies are already underway to determine the extent of their participation in the new lithium-ion battery technologies (LiBTec) program, which kicked off June 7 with a webinar.

Air Canada to participate in NRC biofuels contrail and emissions project

Air Canada is teaming with the National Research Council to undertake a project examining the benefits of biofuel use on contrails —clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles in aircraft exhaust. The project involves five biofuel flights operated by Air Canada and followed by a 1960s-era T-33 Canadair research jet equipped…

A RE$EARCH MONEY Q&A with NRC President Iain Stewart

RE$EARCH MONEY managing editor Mark Henderson sat down with National Research Council president Iain Stewart on April 11 to discuss the organization’s recent internal consultations and plans for the future. Stewart assembled seven Tiger Teams to fan out across the country and report back to him in preparation for a Spring Memorandum to Cabinet.

GRDI launches two new genomics projects

The federal Genomics Research and Development Initiative (GRDI) has announced $4 million for two new projects as part of a multi-departmental initiative to position themselves as key national and international players in the genomics field. The Antimicrobial Resistance project will explore how to make food production safer by reducing bacterial and microbial resistance. The EcoBiomics…


In an article on the National Research Council in the October 27/16 issue of RE$EARCH MONEY, president Iain Stewart was mistakenly described as a vocalizer. The correct word is mobilizer. We apologize for the error….