Applied Research Comes of Age – Second Edition Coming!

In Fall 2018, RESEARCH MONEY (R$), Canada’s leading newsletter on science, technology and innovation policy and investment, in partnership with Colleges and Institute Canada (CICan),  launched a new initiative to highlight the key role that colleges and institutes are playing in building Canada’s innovation capacity. The initiative was announced on Monday November 5, 2018 by R$ Publisher and CEO, Jeffrey Crelinsten, at CICan’s symposium Accelerating Innovation through Applied Research.

As part of the initiative, the booklet Applied Research Comes of Agwas released at the symposium. Available in print and online, the booklet contains stories and messages from CICan members across Canada, including details of leading-edge student projects, state-of-the-art facilities available for use by industry and innovative solutions being co-created by students, faculty and companies.

R$ and CICan are inviting colleges and institutes and their industry partners to participate in a second edition, to be released in Fall 2019. To get involved, contact Adity Das Gupta:

Download the inaugural booklet for free here