Author: Mark Henderson

CAE taps feds and Quebec government for nearly $200 million in loans to launch ambitious $1-billion digitization project

The federal government is helping one of Canada’s most enduring aerospace firms to apply the latest developments in digital technology to its simulation and training products and services. CAE Inc will receive $150 million from the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) to support a $1-billion, five-year program dubbed Project Digital Intelligence.

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Economic Strategy Tables set the bar for achieving global competitiveness in six key sectors

The federally appointed Economic Strategy Tables (EST) have delivered their final report, which recommends a network of sector-specific Canadian Technology Adoption Centres. The collective report by all six tables contains “six signature initiatives” with the economic potential to add $318 billion or 15% to the GDP by 2030 compared to 2017 levels, and boost median household income by $13,000.

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Canadian Space Agency first to appoint an external science advisor

Dr Sarah Gallagher has been appointed the first science advisor of the Canadian Space Agency – the first in a proposed network of external science advisors to key departments and agencies across the federal government. The two-year appointment will see Gallagher – an associate professor of physics and astronomy at Western Univ – report directly to CSA president Sylvain Laporte and establish a close working relationship with Dr Mona Nemer, Canada’s chief science advisor and the architect of the external advisory network.

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