Article Type: Editorial

A long-term research and pandemic strategy is long overdue

Expert groups called for a national and holistic approach to pandemic planning in 1993 and again in 2003. With $1-million in seed funding, the current federal government is finally moving to make a long-term research and pandemic strategy a reality.

Decarbonizing finance never looked smarter

Volatility in the oil market is shifting the financial calculus for institutional investors, for whom renewable projects are starting to look more and more like the safer bet.

Meeting COVID-19 with clarity and collaboration

Even as we suffer the immense consequences of the pandemic, the fight against COVID-19 has at least inspired a surge in public acceptance and support for science. But there’s a dangerous flipside to this enthusiasm, embodied in the wild promises of President Trump. We need clarity and collaboration more than ever.

Canada’s prosperity depends on immigration

The downing of Flight 752 revealed — in the most devastating manner possible — a fundamental and poorly acknowledged truth about Canadian society: we would be a far, far less innovative and prosperous country without international students and immigrants.

Save science, fix social media

Social media is incentivizing the breakdown of trust in science. We need institutional action to change course.

Canada punches above its weight in research. So what?

A common refrain in Canadian innovation circles holds that Canada “punches above its weight” in research strength. While this is certainly true, we still lag other OECD countries on productivity and innovation. What’s the point of punching above our weight in research if we’re still getting clobbered on commercialization?